What to do when it Rains in Vancouver

Hey Vancouver, that special time of year again is rolling around – and I don’t mean Halloween! That’s right folks, its starting to rain again. If you don’t believe me, well.…just wait.

These past few days I’ve been chatting with friends and followers online and listening to their feelings on living in the rainy city. Some were proud and embraced it, others resented it and some were simply in denial about it!

In lieu of the changing season, I thought I’d compile a few things to do in Vancouver when it’s raining with a little help from our followers on twitter and facebook. Here’s what you thought:


@Lilchemaniac – fashion those trendy gumboots and walk amongst the old growth in #stanleypark (forests make great umbrellas).

@MichelleLKent – Go to Aquarium,Science World ,Book some spa time for Mummy,eat at a good restaurant..how’s that?

@Vancitysocial – what rain??


Mola: Enjoying the rain perhaps…cause unlike some other cities, in Vancouver one can go for a walk in the rain

Michelle: Spa day! Spa utopia perhaps? 🙂

Linda: Play in it with your sweetheart!

So here it is, 5 things to do when it’s raining out in Vancity:

Go Shopping!

You know you need an excuse and rainy weather is a great reason to get your shop-on. Vancouver has plenty of indoor malls that will keep you dry so you can shop till you drop. If you’re in the Downtown area, visit Pacific Center Shopping Mall. If you’re a little further out, check out Metrotown Center in Burnaby.

Visit Science World

Science World is a great way to be productive, stay dry and learn a few cool facts you can drop on your next status update. Right inside Science World as well is the OMNIMAX Theater where you can take in the ultimate movie experience.

Stanley Park

So what if it’s raining?! Visiting Stanley Park when it’s raining is a whole new experience. Take a walk on the seawall, hike through the forest or just listen to the quiet sound of raindrops falling around you. Stanley Park is very peaceful and quiet when it’s raining as only the bold dare to venture the parkland!

Visit Spa Utopia!

Forget that it’s raining out and visit the Spa Utopia!

The Spa will make sure you receive the ultimate luxury experience and get your mind off the rain (and pretty much anything else you don’t want to think about). Here’s a look at some of their newest services they’re offering this Fall.

Go Kayaking!

If you’re feeling adventurous, embrace the rain! Kayaking is a great outdoor sport to do when it’s raining. You’re already in the best suited gear to be in the rain and chances are you’re already wet. Deep Cove Kayak is a great little spot in North Vancouver to rent a kayak. Take the plunge!