Saturday Night Italian Opera Buffet with Opera Tenor, Edd Wright

After being at the Pan Pacific for a few months now, I’ve come to see some exciting events and attractions which have taken place at the hotel.

Each month there’s something new going on like a special ceremony, a cool attraction or an interesting celebrity encounter.

One of the weekly events I had yet to check out however was the Saturday Night Opera Buffet.

Each week at the Cafe Pacifica, Operatic Tenor Edd Wright performs in concert with other talented artists and musicians while guests sit down for an Italian Buffet.


Edd Wright:

Last week, I got a chance to witness the Opera for the first time and be there for Edd Wright’s 600th performance.

Even though I’m not an opera buff myself, I was able to enjoy the inspiring vocals of the tenors and sopranos while sitting down to an Italian meal. In the background was a live piano and a mix of solos and duets between Edd and his Sopranos, Dolores Scott and Ingrid Mankhof.

Between performances I got a chance to catch up with Edd and ask him about his background in performance and singing:

I was actually born in Vancouver but moved to New York for several years while I was working in television, film and theatre. Since that time, I’ve had hundreds of performances including several concerts throughout the United States and Europe. Around 9 years ago I returned to Vancouver to settle back home and further my passion for music.

Which was your favourite performance?

I would have to say my favourite show was at Carnegie Hall where I performed Mozart’s Coronation Mass and Handel’s Messiah. Carnegie is still considered one of the best concert halls in the world – and it was a performance I’ll never forget.

What kind of songs do you play on Saturday nights?

We play normally do opera and classical songs, but we also play a mix of musical theatre. Sometimes we’ll throw in a few numbers from Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera or West Side Story. We love to stay fresh and keep the audience happy. Often times we’ll even take a special request from the audience – so we offer quite a variety depending on the crowd.

With delicious food and some great music in the background, the Opera Buffet can make for a great way to spend a Saturday evening. With a clear view of the harbor in the background, I’d recommend coming down on a clear sunny day before the end of the summer.

6.00pm – 9.00pm.
$ 49. per person, Seniors & Teens $ 44 per person,
$ 24.50 Children to age 12. Children 5 & under free.