Show your Canada Day Spirit Photo Contest – Winner: Lisa Choi

Last month we invited anyone with a camera to send in their best photograph to the Pan Pacific Vancouver’s “Show your Canada Day Spirit” Photo Contest.

Entries were judged on creativity, visual appeal and the contest theme – Showing your Canada Day Spirit! The winner receives a free 2 night stay at the Pan Pacific Vancouver on the beautiful Pacific Club Floor Level.

After carefully sorting through the dozens of entries, we selected Lisa Choi’s photo as the winner!

Winner: Lisa Choi, Parliament Hill – Ottawa

This is my 5 year old daughter, Amelia. We are celebrating at Parliament Hill in Ottawa where we live. – Lisa Choi

This photo captures the spirit of Canada Day with the Parliament Hill building in the background and little Amelia waving the nation’s flag. Congratulations Lisa!

Runner Up: Zeljko Travica, Downtown Vancouver

This photo of the Canada fireworks display reflected on the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel came in as our 2nd place winner.

Zeljko has won a gift certificate for 2 to the Saturday Night Italian Opera Buffet at the Café Pacifica Restaurant.

Honorable Mentions

Even though there were only 2 winners, we received dozens of great photos from folks across Canada and even other parts of the world celebrating our Nation’s birthday.

Here’s a look at some of the photos we received:

Cindy J. Genyk, Steinbach Manitoba

Canada DayPhoto: Cindy J. Genyk – This is a picture taken in Steinbach Manitoba on the Cherry Hill Estates property on Canada Day. Connor Genyk is 8 years old and is holding a sparkler in anticipation for the fireworks to begin. – Cindy J. Genyk

Don Martel, Windsor Ontario

bridgePhoto: Don Martel – I found this Canada House in Windsor Ontario. Dan Beaudion has been working on this house for 18yrs. It has been mistaken by some for an immigration office. On Canada Day he takes it over the top! – Don Martel

Wendy Steinberg, Downtown Vancouver

Canada DayPhoto: Wendy Steinberg – These vuvuzelas are actually made in Canada! And they have a much more pleasant sound than I had anticipated! (My son, who is a trumpeter, made it sound like a baritone bugle, but I could barely make any sound out of it. Those people at the World Cup must be getting their own workout just by blowing on these! – Wendy Steinberg

Sukhbir Grewal, City View Park

Canada DayPhoto: Sukhbir Grewal – My cousins and I decided to go to the park after we had bbq’d and light a few sparklers to spell out the name of our nation. – Sukhbir Grewal

Nick de Guzman, Mississauga City, Ontario

bridgePhoto: Nick de Guzman – All for One and One for All! – Nick de Guzman

Iraj Raminfar, Downtown Vancouver

Canada DayPhoto: Iraj Raminfar – The Canadian Flag hanging from the Georgia Hotel on West Georgia Street, Downtown Vancouver – Iraj Raminfar

Joanne Beck, Chilliwack

bridgePhoto: Joanne Beck – The Beck Family on Canada Day 2010. Here’s a picture of my family (On our front porch in Chilliwack, BC) heading out to an Annual Canada Day Celebration/Bar-b-q. Shown is Clayton, Joanne and our beautiful daughters Cassidy (5 ½) and Paige (3). – Joanne Beck

Jason Wang, Baishawan, Taiwan

A couple dances in a muddy field during The Canada D’eh festivities hosted by the Canadian Society in Taiwan. – Jason Wang