The Vancouver 2010 Olympics: 1 Year Anniversary in Photos

Can you believe it’s already been a year?

REUTERS/David Gray

Around this time last February, our city was crawling with athletes, media and tourists from all across the world. A massive countdown clock in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery was making its final countdown after 8 long years of talks, excitement, media hype and a fair share of controversy.

Flickr: Brandon Godfrey

I think most of us didn’t really know what to expect with arrival of the 2010 Winter Olympics in our city. Would it be a success? Would things go smoothly? Would it be worth the troubles? – we’re all questions on the minds of locals and tourists alike.

In my opinion, the 2 week run was the best thing to ever happen to Vancouver. It brought a unity to the city (and country) like we’d never seen before. It showcased our land and welcomed strangers into our homes with open arms. History was made on the podium and off it…And who could we forget the party houses and pandemonium on Granville Street *tear*

Being around the Pan Pacific Vancouver was a huge perk during the Games. Located next door to the Olympic cauldron (which will be re-lit on February 12) and home to the entire media crew of NBC, the Hotel was in the center of the action and full of energy. I got to see first hand some of the exciting events that took place around the Hotel and in our backyard, Downtown Vancouver.

Here are a few of my favorite memories and photos from the Olympic games. If you had any special moments you want to share, be sure to include them in the comments!

Memories from 2010

Things got kicked off at the opening ceremony in BC Place Stadium. Vancouver was officially in the world spotlight.

Jon Montgomery of Canada celebrates after he won the gold medal in the men’s skeleton on day 8 of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics at the Whistler Sliding Centre on February 19, 2010.

The pressure was high on which Canadian would win the first Gold medal ever on Canadian soil. In the end, Alex Bilodeau didn’t dissapoint with his spectacular win in the Men’s Freestyle Moguls. This photo was taken only a few days after at the Pan Pacific Vancouver, where Alex finally got a chance to spend some time with his family.

Alex Bilodeau

The streets of Vancouver turned into a sea of red during the Games…especially after a Gold medal victory from Canada

Olympics Celebrations

The moment we all waited for. Sidney Crosby celebrates with teammate Scott Niedermayer after defeating the US in the Men’s final. The defining moment of the 2010 Games and the greatest goal in Canadian hockey history.

While the Hotel Georgia was under construction, it raised a 15 story Canadian Flag which became an instant landmark during the Games.

The perfect ending!