Great Restaurants Near the Pan Pacific Vancouver

Life’s too short to eat bad food. Thankfully, good food isn’t hard to come across in Vancouver. Fresh ingredients are readily available and masterfully put together by chefs with care; unique atmospheres can be found on every corner and variety is the spice of our city.

Raw Bar Chef Yoshihiro Tabo

This list has been put together to give you a small sample of the many culinary wonders of Vancouver within a short proximity of the Pan Pacific Vancouver. The restaurants featured below are located in different landmark areas of town and host a variety of different foods from all over the globe. While fine dining is certainly available within the Hotel, here’s a list of Vancouver’s favorites outside of it.

Great Restaurants Near the Pan Pacific Vancouver 

Black & Blue (Steakhouse) 

Location: 1032 Alberni St

What to order: It’s hard not to order anything other than a Prince Edward Island Blue Ribbon Steak, cut and cooked your favourite way. If you’re celebrating a very special occasion, you’ll want to try the Japanese Wagyu cut. Also, make sure to order a side of Mac & Cheese sticks. Yes, you heard that right!

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 3 mins by car | 13 mins by foot

Campagnolo Roma (Italian)

Location: 2297 E Hastings St

Campagnolo Restaurant | Main Street, Vancouver

What to order: Any of the legendary pizzas on their menu. Also, make sure to check out their board for special pizzas not available on the daily menu.  If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to add an egg onto your pizza as well!

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 9 mins by car | 20 mins by transit

 Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar (Oyster Bar)

Location:  2201 W 1st Ave

What to order: You should probably order oysters, seeing as you are in an oyster bar, however, their menu does boast great dishes such as the Southern Fried Chicken. Add a Prawn Caesar to the mix and you are set!

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 9 mins by car | 23 mins by transit 

Edible Canada (Local Food)

Location: 1569 Johnston St

Edible Canada at The Market

What to order: The Canadian Burger with double-smoked bacon, smokey cheddar and house-made pickles. Need we say more? Get that with a side of their popular fries that are cooked in duck fat and served with bacon aioli and you’ll be in flavour heaven.

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 10 mins by car | 23 mins by transit

Cactus Club Cafe (Casual & Fine Dining) 

Location: 1790 Beach Ave

What to order: The deceivingly filling Butternut-Squash Ravioli should be on the top of your list for items to try this winter. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, give their famous, sizzling Fajitas a shot.

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 7 mins by car | 25 mins by transit | 33 mins by foot

Chambar (Fine Dining)

Location: 562 Beatty St.

What to order: Order whatever your heart desires, you will enjoy it. However, make sure you include an order of mussels during your night out. You will regret not doing so!

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 3 mins by car | 10 mins by transit | 14 mins by foot

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie (Chinese “Tapas”)

Location: 163 Keefer St

Vancouver Bao Bei Chinatown 2011 Bar

What to order: The Sichuan cucumbers are a must. You will likely order seconds. Make sure to try the Shao Bing, a sesame flatbread with cumin lamb sirloin and other great fixings.

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 4 mins by car | 13 mins by transit | 21 mins by foot

Blue Water Café & Raw Bar (Fine Dining & Sushi)

Location: Yaletown

Robert Mondavi Winery at Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar

What to order: You can’t eat here without trying the Dungeness crab & shrimp Cakes. As a main, most people who have ever eaten the West Coast Sablefish at Blue Water Café  will recommend it to you without a blink of an eye.

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 5 mins by car | 11 mins by transit | 24 mins by foot\

Vij’s (Indian Fusion) 

Location: 1480 W 11th Ave

What to order: Anything and everything. The food here is incredible. If there were one dish you can’t go without having, it’d have to be the Wine Marinated Lamb Popsicles in fenugreek cream.

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 9 mins by car | 25 mins by transit | 50 mins by foot

Calabash Bistro (Caribbean)

Location:  428 Carrall St

What to order: For an appetizer, you need to include Coconut dumplings with a sweet sauce and savoury sauce. As a main, you can’t go wrong with any of the curry items available on the curry board. Wanting to get a real feel for Caribbean culture? Try the curried goat!

Proximity from Pan Pacific: 3 mins by car | 8 mins by transit | 15 mins by foot 

Bonus: The many food carts of Vancouver  –

Vancouver has close to a 100 different food carts that travel around various locations of town serving items ranging from comfort food to gourmet items. They all have unique twists and there are so many different cultural options to choose from. Check out Vancouver’s Street Food App ( today for times and locations of Vancouver’s food carts.

Vancouver Food Carts

Have you ever visited any of the restaurants above? Comment below and let us know what you loved most about your experience.