10 Steps to Unwinding at the Pan Pacific after a Cross-Canada Trip

A couple weeks ago, the Pan Pacific Vancouver hosted a few travel bloggers visiting the TBEX 11 Conference at the Vancouver Convention Center. If you know anything about travel bloggers, they’re a very unique bunch. They’re typically quite funny, they always have lots of stories to share and pretty much have the best job on earth: Travelling the world and blogging about their experiences away from home.

One of the bloggers that stayed with us was travel writer Candice Walsh of St. John’s Newfoundland. Candice is today’s guest writer on Room with a View.

My Journey to BC & Stay at the Pan Pacific Vancouver

Nearly two weeks ago, Cailin O’Neil and I completed an epic Cross-Canada journey by train and car. Yep, our personal mission was to see more of our insanely big country, and I think we did a great job of doing so.

But being cramped in economy class accommodations on a train for 21 hours followed by endless driving in a bright yellow Mazda Protege named “Daytona Beach Bad Boy” calls for some serious post-trip pampering.
It’s true. While the journey was a once-in-a-lifetime sorta thing, and our Bad Boy became our second home, words fail to measure the relief that accompanies sheer luxury of space and independence.

Here are 10 steps to begin the unwinding process.

1. Profusely thank the doorman, and every other employee of thePan Pacific. It’s not that the service in our other accommodations was unpleasant, but I think Pan Pacific might be the happiest place in the world. Seriously, I didn’t know doormen and bellhops could love their jobs so much. But they took one look at me struggling with my suitcase in the lobby and extended a helping hand, and took notice of my furrowed brow and offered me directions to my room. Good service does not go unnoticed.

2. Dump all your belongings on the floor, and marvel over the space.

Deluxe Harbour King

Even with my entire luggage unloaded, I couldn’t occupy all the floor space. Spreading out my belongings and repacking my suitcase after living on the road for two weeks brought me such joy, there were nearly tears in my eyes.

3. Raid the mini-fridge. I know, I know…those things add up in cost. But cans of Pepsi make the ultimate hangover relief from a night out in Vancouver, and those bottles of wine are just an irresistible counter-productive treat.

4. Pocket the Aveda products. Aveda products are my ultimate guilty pleasure. Back in the day when I had more disposable income, I’d buy everything from their make-up line and not feel guilty about it. When I found the Aveda shampoo, conditioner and body wash in my bathroom, I considered breaking into the other rooms and stealing everything. Seriously.

5. Check out the rooftop view.

072810 Vancouver Pan Pacific 92

So you’re not technically allowed on top of the roof of the Pan Pacific, but perhaps if you’re extra charming and adorable, security will let you experience the top of the city. It was just my second day in town when I took in the skyline from the rooftop, and I was thrilled by the sight. I was even more thrilled by the giant seagull on steroids that dropped by for a visit, although she was apparently protecting her nest from vagabonds such as myself.

6. Spa Utopia day! Sadly, I ran out of time and didn’t get to enjoy a Utopia spa day, but I did have the pleasure of touring the facilities. The bathtubs! And massages! And manicures! And the special tea with lemon and rooibos! Next time, Utopia. Next time.

Spa Utopia Vancouver - Front Lobby

7. Spread out your limbs in a king-sized bed. Honestly, I don’t even know what to do with all that space other than just stretch out every limb, sink into the mattress, and give yourself up to the forces of nature. And sleep. And if you don’t like your pillow, you can swap it for another…after all, there are six different options. Down feathers? No problem!

8. Go to the 23rd floor where the Pacific Club is located, sneak into the suite where Michael Buble stayed on his wedding night, and stroke the piano with love. No, seriously. It’s really shiny.

9. Pay attention to the little details. I love the little details, like the fact that the Pan Pacific changes the floor mats in their elevators daily to display the weekday. That way if you’ve been on a weekend-long bender in Vancouver during playoff season (guilty!), you’ll always know what day it is.
Their meals also come with complimentary bread and tiny, studded butter balls. Ask anyone, I really love the butter balls.

10. Have fun! That’s it. You may be sleeping among swanky rich folk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your hair down and go crazy.*
*The definition of crazy is limited to acceptable acts of indulgence such as eating all the chocolate bars in the mini-fridge, and not generally causing damage to hotel property.

Candice Walsh is a freelance travel writer and social media marketer from St. John’s, Newfoundland. She’s a contributing editor to Matador Network, enjoys beers and nachos, and has an uncanny ability to find mischief on the road. Check out her blog at CandiceDoestheWorld.com for more stories.