We Love Vancouver Cocktails

With the arrival of a very WARM spring upon us, (can you believe we hit mid-20s the other day! It’s not even May!) that means patios are opening up everywhere. And that means cocktails to temper the heat and quench the throats.

You may have tried any number of our weekly drink specials, but did you know that Cascades Lounge offers Vancouver-themed cocktails too?

Vancouver is a colourful city, made up of neighbourhoods with distinct vibes and culture and we wanted to reflect those exciting differences in our libations. You may not live in a certain neighbhourhood, but you can definitely have a taste of the spirit of the area in our drinks!

Our Vancouver cocktails are split into six regions: Kitsilano, Chinatown, North Vancouver, East Vancouver, and Commercial Drive.

Our signature Kits cocktails: Kale Gimet and Namaste

Our signature Chinatown cocktails: Blood Alley and Golden Pearl

Our signature North Vancouver cocktails: The Quay and Evergreen

Our signature East Vancouver cocktails: Sakura Sour and Trout Lake

And last but certainly not least, our signature Commercial Drive cocktails: Canadese and Bloody Maria.

This warm weather is the perfect time to drink Vancouver up. (responsibly of course!) See you at the patio!


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