A Special St Patrick’s Day Drink at Coal Harbour Bar


It’s St Patricks Day this Friday!

Come down to the Coal Harbour Lounge and celebrate with a special drink created by Bryce, our Coal Harbour bartender, called The Last Word of William Yeats. (Or a whisky last word, if you prefer)

Then lean back, relax, and enjoy the unmatched scenery of the coastal mountains, Stanley Park and the Vancouver Convention Centre. A perfect pairing!


1.5oz Jameson

.5 chartreuse

.75 lime

.75 egg white

.5 simple syrup (maybe if too bitter)

Dash cherry bitters


Shake, served neat, straight up. Mint leaf floated on top to add even more green


We’ll also have  $7 Guinnness and $7 shots of Jamesons and of course the classic green food colouring in light beer!

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