6 Ways to Act Like a ‘Local’ in Vancouver!

There’s something very unique about being a Vancouver local. There are certain things we collectively love, appreciate, do and sometimes have to endure.

hustle and bustle

We love nature and the outdoors, we appreciate multiculturalism, we drink coffee (lots of it) and endure the rain no matter how unexpected the notice.

Quite often I get asked at the Hotel (and via Facebook and Twitter): “What do locals do in Vancouver?”. To answer that question isn’t easy as we’re all unique in so many ways – However there are a few commonalities and trends we usually see in Vancouver…

So here it is, a few fun ways to blend in and act like a local, (with a couple helpers from our Twitter followers!):

1. Get outdoors and Ride a Bike!

– Recommendation by @Eva_zhu

Rush Hour on the Dunsmuir Separated Bike Lane

There’s a few reasons Vancouverites like to ride bikes everywhere:

1. Parking isn’t cheap!
2. It’s great exercise
3. We’re environmentally conscious!

Riding a bike is a great way to explore the city while getting in a good workout. There are plenty of dedicated bike lanes for convenient transportation and lots of great trails worthing checking out. In Vancouver, bikes aren’t just for kids!

2. Have Sushi for Lunch….and Dinner!

Sushi is the staple food…and the comfort food here in Vancouver. To get an idea of how much locals love it, there are over 225 sushi restaurants in the Vancouver area alone!

Salmon sushi combo

Being on the West Coast, you can hardly blame us – We have the best access to local fresh fish and our large Japanese population means we know what we’re doing! If you’re visiting Vancouver, be sure to try some of the local fresh sushi. Here’s a list of 10 great sushi spots to consider when in Vancouver.

3. Try Your Hand at Yoga

A few years ago, yoga in Vancouver was the latest craze…now it’s part of the routine. If you’re looking to fit in around Vancouver – getting fit is a good start. All you have to do is carry around a yoga mat, where Lulu Lemon clothing and have a slight look of enlightenment when you walk about the city.

But seriously, try your hand at a beginner Yoga class and you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about. To get started, check out Yoga on the Flow or Yyoga Vancouver.

4. Drink Coffee!

– Recommendation by @Queenofaura

Vancouverites are known for always having a cup of coffee in hand. It’s a great way to keep warm, connect with friends or just to relax and enjoy with a nice book outside.

2 starkbucks en Robson st. Vancouver, BC

5. Embrace the Rain!

– Recommendation by: @Vc_ken

I’m not gonna lie to you here..it rains in Vancouver….a lot!

Local weather forecasts are about as accurate as a broken watch, so be sure to have an umbrella close by at all times (especially on the days you think you’ll need it least!).

6. Watch Canucks Hockey…duh!

You’ve probably heard that Vancouverites are obsessed with hockey and the Canucks. Well – it’s true.

watching the game..

Watching the Canucks game is a must if you want to experience Vancouver like a local. Head downtown and catch the Canucks playing LIVE at one of the top places to watch the game. The atmosphere is intense, the action is incredible and you may just fall in love with two telepathic twins from Sweden.

So there it is, 6 great ways to experience Vancouver like a real local. Are there any fun ways to act like a local that I missed? If so, let me know in the comments below! ↓↓↓↓