Vancouver’s Third Annual Poutine Challenge

Us Canadians are commonly known for a few things; Our friendly demeanour, cold weather, maple syrup and, as of late, poutine. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Canada’s staple dish, Poutine, is a hearty dish filled with french fries swimming in gravy and melted cheese curds. This delicious meal has skyrocketed in popularity over the years and many chefs in Vancouver have adopted it into their menus. Some have taken the classic approach, others have added their own unique twists.

Local Food Blogger, Vancouver Foodster, is currently hosting his 3rd Annual Poutine Challenge. Restaurants from all across Vancouver were invited to join the challenge to earn the title of Vancouver’s best poutine. 12 restaurants are participating, many of which have created a special poutine specifically for this challenge. The contest runs from now until February 28th and all guests are encouraged to cast votes for their favourite poutine by visiting Vancouver Foodster. Below you’ll get a taste of what a few participants have to offer. Visit Vancouver Foodster’s Poutine Challenge page for the full list and challenge details.

Kingston Taphouse’s Red Wine Braised Beef Cheek Poutine:

Description: Merlot braised Albertain beef cheeks, house cut fries, caramelized onions, fresh cheese curds, and pickled mushrooms

Locus Restaurant’s Wild Boar, Foie Gras and Crackling Poutine

Description: Pulled wild boar poutine with pork cracklings and topped with seared foie gras

Tangent Cafe’s Malaysian Poutine:

Description: Malaysia meets Montreal! Our signature chicken curry sauce, served over our house fries and sprinkled with fresh cheese curds.
Have you experienced any of the Poutine’s in this year’s Poutine challenge? Comment below and let us know which is your favourite.