Pan Pacific Vancouver Introduces its New Executive Chef: Bob Wiles

This week, the Pan Pacific Vancouver introduces its newest Head Executive Chef to the Cafe Pacifica Restaurant, Chef Bob Wiles.

Executive Chef, Bob Wiles

Bob Wiles has been a chef for over 35 years and has been working in the Pan Pacific kitchen since opening day in 1986.

Chef Bob brings experience, culinary creativity and a passion for the Vancouver food scene to his latest role. This afternoon I got a chance to chat with Chef on his background and his new position at the Cafe Pacifica Restaurant.

Being the head executive chef for (arguably) one of the top Hotel’s in the country is a huge honor. I’ve been a chef for over 30 years and I’ve been with the Pan Pacific since day 1. When I started here, I was working as a Jr. Sous Chef under Ernst Pirhofer. Since then I’ve refined my style and learned a tremendous amount from some of the great chefs at this Hotel. Working with food is my passion and I’m happy to bring my energy and spirit to the kitchen as a team leader.

How have you seen the Vancouver food and restaurant industry evolve over the past 25 years?

I feel the Vancouver food scene is a direct reflection of our city’s growing population and diversity. People from all over the world have joined our city, bringing authentic flavors and secrets along with them. I also think we’re blessed to have so much variety of food and at such a high quality. In the past, it wasn’t as easy to access fresh high quality ingredients, whereas now it’s a staple for many of the better restaurants in town.

Crab and Avacado Salad

What can the Cafe Pacifica Restaurant expect with you as the new executive chef? Also what will we see on this month’s new menu?

Our restaurant will continue to stand for high quality, fresh ingredients and new flavors. My style and background is French classical with a west coast fusion flavor, but I enjoy trying new things and taking reccomendations from our Chef’s Team.

With our upcoming Spring and Summer menu, guests can expect a shift from our Winter “comfort food” menu to a lighter, fresher taste. For example our Herb Broiche Crusted Halibut with Vanilla scented citrus segments, Avacado mousse and Meyer lemon emulsion. Or our Thai Beef Carpaccio with Cilantro, Thai basil, green papaya, tossed in Thai dressing. I really feel this will be one of our best summer menu’s in a long time!

Executive Chef, Bob Wiles

Congratulations Chef Bob! And don’t forget, be sure to check back in the coming weeks for a full preview of our new Spring and Summer menus.