Outdoor art pieces to see while visiting Vancouver

Vancouver, a city known for its diversity and culture, is home to over 350 outdoor art pieces that are scattered throughout the city. They can be found out in the open in areas like beaches, parks and may sometimes catch you off-guard on street corners or transit stops. Rain or shine, the outdoor art scene gives you an excuse to explore our beautiful city and become one with its culture.

Photo Cred: Flickr User - Karen Lee Colangelo

Below, you will find several art installations located near the Pan Pacific Vancouver. Visit the City of Vancouver’s Public Art Registry for a comprehensive list of all public art pieces located in the city.

Nike (greek goddess of victory) Sculpture

Artist: Pavlos Angelos Kougioumtzis
Location: Median on east side of Cordova at Thurlow

Mind Crystal

Artist: Cameron Kerr
Location: Queen Elizabeth Plaza – Georgia and Hamilton

Photo Cred: Flickr User - colink.

Digital Orca

Artist: Douglas Coupland
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre – Canada Place and Thurlow

The Drop

Artist: Inges Idee
Location: Canada Place and Burrard

Photo Cred: Flickr User - Vancouver 125

River of Crows

Artist: Richard Tetrault
Location: Between Williams and Parker Streets on McLean Drive


Artist: Dennis Oppenheim
Location: Sunset Beach – Between Bute and Thurlow Streets on Beach Avenue

A-MAZE-ING Laughter

Artist: Yue Minjun
Location: Morton Park – Between Morton and Beach Avenues

Photo Cred: Flickr User - Vancouver Public Space Network

Whispers (multiple pieces above eye level)

Artists: Eli Horn & Jordan Bent
Locations: 62 Powell St, 553 Hamilton St, 304 Dunlevy Ave, 195 East 26th Ave, Cambie St Bridge South

If you plan on visiting Vancouver, make sure to check out the full directory of public art and add a few sightings to your travel itinerary.