My Top 5 Photos from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

This morning I decided to do something I haven’t done in a long time. Clean up my Gmail inbox!

As I went through my quarterly cleansing ritual, I noticed I received several emails in the past month with amazing photos from all over Vancouver.

Some were portraits of friends, and some were shots that just left me in awe. I decided to surf around Flickr and noticed the massive spike of Vancouver photos uploaded in the last few weeks.

As I browsed the photos, I saw the city from different eyes, different angles and different perspectives. I decided to share a few of my favorites.

Here are my top 5 photos from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics:

1. Robson Square

A stunning HDR shot of Robson Square and its indoor ice skating rink. Thousands of locals and tourists continue to flock here as it remains open during the Paralympic Games.

2. Canada Place and the Olympic Barge

Canada PlacePhoto: Kennymatic

A great view of Canada Place, Pan Pacific Vancouver and the Olympic Barge. The sharp colors really make this photo stand out.

3. Opening Ceremony Fan

This photo says it all: “Go Canada!”

4. Georgia and Howe St.

Georgia and Howe is home of the largest Canadian flag ever produced. You can’t help but stop and admire this patriotic sight. This idea definitely gets creativity points.

5. Granville Street after winning Gold

A picture is a worth a thousand words. This shot was taken after the Canada Men’s Gold Medal Game. This photo really captures the energy and pride of Canada – A shot that might only be replicated again if the Vancouver Canucks with the Stanley Cup. It may be a long time…

What were your favourite photos from the Olympic games? Share your thoughts and any great photo links you may have in the comments!