Canucks Fever! Fan Photos from around Vancouver

Typically in early June, Vancouver Canucks fans are accustomed to gridning their teeth as they watch other hockey teams face off in the Stanley Cup Finals. “We shoulda’ done this” and “We coulda’ done that” are usually the topics of conversation – But not this year.

canuck fans

Right now the Canucks Fever level in the city is on ridiculous. Fans are out there and showing their spirit…and some in very unique ways.

Like some, you may be in search of the better places to catch the finals in the city. If you’re looking for the big crowd atmosphere, Miss 604 recommends a few fun places to watch – including Canada Place who are playing the final games on their monster big screen outside the Pan Pacific Vancouver. For the pub atmosphere, anywhere on Granville Street is a safe play…just make sure to get there early! And don’t forget, Rogers Arena will be playing all road games in their stadium for a $10 fee where proceeds will go to Canuck Place.

And although downtown has the best atmosphere, Canucks Nation is showing their pride all across BC. Here are a few great shots I found surfing the web for crazy Canuck fans. Shout out to Jeremy Lim,Fafali, Armen⋆ and John Bieler for some great photo shares on Flickr.

Canucks Fever Photos

Taken Wednesday after the Canucks heroic win in the dying seconds of the 3rd period. These fans can smell the cup!

Robson & Granville: Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals

Fast and the Furious meets the Canucks

The Road to the Stanley Cup 2011: The Whitebox Studios Canucks Car


The Road to the Stanley Cup 2011

A fan celebrates

Vancouver Canuck fans celebrate

Our Lions at First Narrows Bridge get in on the act

19-52-2011: Oh pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...

Nervous fans watch at the CBC Broadcast Center on Hamilton Street during Game 1

canucks fans

Shark meat from round 3!

canucks fans

When Lil Wayne sports a Canuck Jersey…you know things are going right


Seen any great photos you want us to share? Drop us the link in the comments!

Go Canucks!!