Canada Place to Replace its Iconic Sails

As of this month, the Canada Place Corporation (CPC) is undertaking a roof rehabilitation project that includes the replacement of the iconic white sails.

sunrun Canada Place | Photo: jscot7357

The sails will be replaced as it has exceeded its 20 year life span and leakages are becoming more frequent.  The project is expected to take at least one year and will be made possible through the federal government’s Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.

The building’s current fabric is made up of 250,000 square feet of fabric.

The old sails will be replaced with a teflon coated fibreglass.  The new material is expected to last longer and is more environmentally friendly.

Mike Shardlow, president and CEO of Canada Place Corporation says:

After two and a half decades the technology has improved to the point that it will be stronger and will wear longer.  Where the old fabric was built to last for 20 years, the new fabric will last 30 years.

Canada Place is home to the Pan Pacific Hotel, the World Trade Center, the cruise ship terminal, the Vinci parkade and the Vancouver East Convention Center.