Best Photos from the Month of May

With the month of May coming to an end, most Vancouverites are looking forward to the summer and expect June to bring some good weather and playtime outside.

The month of June will see plenty of exciting events and activities which we’ll be spotlighting this week, so be sure to check back for updates.

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the best photos from the moth of May:

Vancouver Sun Run

On Mother’s Day, May 9, 2010, over 51,419 people took to the streets of Vancouver to participate in the Vancouver Sun Run.

sunrunVancouver Sun Run | Photo: VS

This photo captures a wave runners, wheelers, walkers and joggers as they begin their 10km treck around the city.

First place Kip Kangogo of Kenya finished the race in a smooth 29 minutes, two seconds. Last place took 5 hours and 34 minutes to complete the race.

To get a feel for the race, check out this video shown by Vancouver Sun, This is what 50,000 People Looks Like.

BC Place Dome Deflates

On May 4, 2010, BC Place Stadium deflated its giant pillow-cushion dome which stood tall for 27 years in the heart of Downtown, Vancouver.

At 11am, all 16 fans were turned off and the bubble deflated in less than 50 minutes.

The dome was deflated to make way for a $563 million retractable roof which will extend the life of the stadium by 40 years. Next year it will be home to the Vancouver Whitecaps, the BC Lions and the 2011 Grey Cup.

Orca by Douglas Coupland at Vancouver Convention Centre

Here’s an image of the new Digital Orca which lies in front of the VCC West.

orca Orca | Photo: Susan Gittins

According to artist Douglas Coupland, the Orca “breaks down a three-dimensional Orca whale into cubic pixels—making a familiar symbol of the West Coast become something unexpected and new.”

The Orca is already drawing crowds and has received some mixed reviews. Personally, I think it’s pretty interesting.

Canucks Playoff Mobile

This one is still tough to digest…

canucks Canucks Mobile | Photo: Susan Gittins

This year the Vancouver Canucks returned to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with confidence and focus only to be bounced by their heated rival, the Chicago Blackhawks in 6 games.

Never the less, it was only a few weeks ago that Canuck playoff fever was at a high and the fans were out showing their colours.

This old Pontiac was the un-official Canucks mobile, often spotted downtown turning heads and hearing the honks and cheers of onlookers.

Until next year…

Vancouver Convention Center and Canada Place

sunrunVancouver Convention Center | Photo: HDR Cafe

A pretty cool perspective image of the Vancouver Convention Center (left), the North Shore Mountains, and Canada Place (right).

Cruise Ship

The Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal has been busy this May with thousands of travellers setting sail to their favourite getaway destinations.

This summer is cruise ship season and the Terminal will harbour almost 300 cruise ships carrying over 1 million travellers.

cruise ship Norwegian Sun | Photo: Gosh@

This is a shot of the Norwegian Sun, a 1000 foot vessel with a passenger capacity of 2,300 travellers.

If you ever come across any interesting photos from around Vancouver, send me the links in the comments and I’ll feature them in our next photo set!