Video: Vancouver’s Living Roof

Built on the original Pier B-C on Vancouver’s Waterfront, the Vancouver Convention Centre first served as the “Canada Pavilion” for the World’s Fair Expo in 1986. Since then, the facility has seen a major facelift and a new West Facility which now makes it one of the leading convention centers in the world. In addition to its beautiful design, the Convention Center is considered one of the most sustainable and energy efficient buildings on the planet.

Vancouver Convention Center

View from the Pacific Club Lounge

Guests at our the Hotel often look down at the Convention Center and inquire about its grassy roof. If you didn’t know – the building holds a 2.5 hectare “Living Roof” which is now its own ecological habitat. For a closer look at this beautiful marvel, Dave Budge directed this short film as Landscape Architect Bruce Hemstock explains: