Vancouver Chefs Dishes Festival at the Cafe Pacifica Restaurant September 6-30

The Vancouver Chefs Signature Dishes Festival is now underway!

Master Vancouver foodie, Richard Wolak has invited chefs and their respective restaurants from  all over the city to participate in this signature event: Vancouver Chefs are to create a new must try signature dish to enter the Festival. The Chefs creation could be simple to fancy, using unique and innovative ingredients, be as nutritious or indulgent as he/she wants, and to be imaginative.

Joining the competition, the Cafe Pacifica’s Brian Luptak jumped in and created a special signature dish, the Pan Seared Alaskan Black Cod w/ Smoked Great Northern White Beans, charred tomato foam, tomato confit and sweet onion puree.

Vancouver Chefs Dishes Festival Haida Gwaii Black Cod
*Price 15$

After sampling the dish you may vote here on the Vancouver Foodster Facebook page.

To view participating restaurants and all details, click here.