The Night Before the Big Day

Devon Edwards is nervous and excited. It is the night before her wedding and she is still running through all the last minute details in her mind, but she took time out to bring us up-to-date on the plans for the big day.

“We’ve had a really busy week,” says Devon. “We had our rehearsal dinner on Thursday night and – because the sun was out – we decided to have a mock wedding ceremony on the pool deck. It was really fun!”

Devon’s fiancé, Oliver Leclair, has been in a few wedding parties but this wedding – her very own wedding – will be the first one that Devon will be part of. Devon says the rehearsal helped her feel a lot less nervous about the ceremony.

“It made me feel better and I think it made the kids in the wedding party feel a lot more comfortable as well.”

Devon also has high praise for the people who have been helping her organize the wedding. Teri Dill is the catering and events manager for Pan Pacific Vancouver and she works closely with couples to make sure that their special day is truly special.

“Teri has been great,” enthuses Devon. “She has helped us every step of the way. She and the staff at the hotel have always been willing to accommodate our requests and she worked very hard to help us keep within our budget.”

Devon and Oliver also worked with a wedding planner, Cristina Samper Pearl of Fluent Productions. Devon has high praise for Pearl’s work.

“Cristina has made things run so much more smoothly than I could have hoped for. She handled the liaison with all the vendors and made some suggestions to keep the bar within our budget.  I would really recommend her to any couple that’s planning a wedding.”

And Devon’s last words before the big day?

“All in all, I’m just so excited for tomorrow. We have a beautiful venue and a beautiful suite!”