Road Closures: How To Still Get Into The Hotel

The Vancouver 2010 Games are just around the corner, and the city is buzzing as the 7 year countdown is finally reaching an end. This will be the largest event in Vancouver history, (even bigger than the 94’ Canucks cup run!), so we can expect a lot of activity in our usually calm and casual city.

Canada Place DrCanada Place, Dr.

With 2 million expected attendees and over 250,000 tourists, event and city officials are making the final preparations to ensure a successful 2010 Game – with safety and pleasure being the top priorities.

You’ve probably noticed there is a LOT of added security in the city.  Even some of our favourite and most frequented streets have been closed down with only pedestrian traffic being allowed.

Not exempt to all these closures is the heart of the action, Canada Place Drive (in front of the Vancouver Convention Center), Canada Place and of course the Pan Pacific Vancouver.

Open for Business

The hotel is still open for regular business and encourages all guests, visitors and patrons to continue to enter the hotel.

Unfortunately, car traffic will be unable to stop at the front of the hotel and park in the underground parking, so our flexible bell team has answered the call and set up a bell desk on the corner of Howe St. and Cordova, one block in front of the hotel.  The Pan Pacific’s bell team will be on hand 24 hours a day until March 1 to serve any of the guests needs, including luggage carry and valet parking.

Eamonn Gaffney

Meet Eamonn Gaffney

Eamonn Gaffney, a Pan Pacific employee for over 15 years, has been on hand at our new bell desk for the past three days, interacting with locals and tourists. The most popular question: “How come you guys are set up a block away from the hotel?”

“It’s been a fun challenge” says Eamonn, “With the road closures, we’ve had to relocate a block south and serve our guests from our new bell-tent.  It’s been a lot of fun though as we get to chat and answer questions that both locals and tourists have about our hotel and our city.  In the end, the guests aren’t being inconvenienced and are happy with the added security around the hotel.”

The hotel will also offer a unique experience for guests throughout the games (Feb 12 – Feb 28), as it hosts its own First Nations cultural exhibit free of charge to all visitors of the hotel.

And check back for our new exclusive food and beverage menu inspired by the 2010 Games, revealed later this week!

Let the countdown begin!