Photos Around the Hotel (On Lunch)

Normally on my lunch break, I head across the street of the Pan Pacific and pick one of the 500 conveniently located sushi restaurants around the Downtown Waterfront area.

Today was different.

On a great day like this, I decided to ditch the Miso Soup and surf around the hotel with my digital camera. Even in a 5 block radius, there’s of plenty cool things to see around the area and pictures worth sharing.

Here are a few photos I took in the last hour:

Digital Orca

Here’s an image of the Digital Orca which lies in front of the Vancouver Convention Center West Building – our friendly next door neighbours at the hotel.

According to artist Douglas Coupland, the Orca “breaks down a three-dimensional Orca whale into cubic pixels—making a familiar symbol of the West Coast become something unexpected and new.”

There are definitely some mixed reviews on this piece of art. I personally think it’s pretty interesting.

Robson Square

Just a few blocks south, is Robson Square. For the past few months the garden area has been under construction.

The project will mostly repair leakages which are affecting nearby tenants. Here’s one blogger’s take on what they “should” do with the area. I’d have to say, I agree.

Native Artwork

I tried to get this guy’s name…but it was too hard to pronounce let alone remember!

Here’s a look at a few hand made Native Indian carvings from this Vancouver local. Upon a closer look, the masks had a ton of details and intricate wood carvings – worth checking out if you’re around Robson Square.

The Vancouver Art Gallery

As I strolled around, I noticed many office go-ers deciding to take their lunches to the gallery steps and fountain. The art gallery is a great place to just chill out and relax.

The Pool Deck

Super refreshing! Here’s a look at the Pan Pacific Pool on the 8th floor of the hotel.

Right now, you can use the hotel pool for free when you book any service at the Vancouver Spa Utopia. Great for one of these scorching afternoons.

Coal Harbour

Here’s a look at the Coal Harbour Marina and Float Plane Terminal.

The Harbour Seawall is a great place to take a stroll and snap a few photos.

Hornby Street

A look down at Hornby Street from the Pan Pacific rooftop.

From up here you can hear nothing more than a few car horns and the seaplanes taking off from the harbour.

So in the end it took me 47 minutes to take all these photos. I got skills right??