Olympic Fever: The Buzz From Pan Pacific Vancouver

With the 2010 Winter Games now well under way, the city is buzzing and the streets are packed! The atmosphere in the Pan Pacific has been electric since the opening day ceremonies this past Friday.


The hotel lobby has hundreds of guests, tourists and locals coming in to soak up the experience and take in the spirit of the Game’s.  Many of the visitors snap photographs of the magnificent harbour-front view and to enjoy the Kla-how-ya Aboriginal display, showcasing Aboriginal art, performances and culture, free to the public during the Game’s.

I chatted with the concierge team this afternoon, and they are literally working overtime to ensure all the guests and visitors’ questions and requests are being met. Miriam Edwards, our Chief Concierge said that she’s never seen the hotel this alive with energy.

On hand to enjoy an afternoon lunch at the Cafe Pacifica Restaurant was former Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien.  As the crowd grew around him, I said a quick hello and snapped a photograph with him and Marie Rogers, the Pan Pacific’s Public Relations Manager.

Jean Chretien and Marie Rogers

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