Lunch Time! An Authentic Italian Pasta Buffet Prepared by Chef Angelo

An authentic Italian Meal from an authentic Italian Chef! 

Did you know that Every Friday afternoon, the Pan Pacific Vancouver’s Chef Angelo hosts a delightful Italian lunch experience at the Café Pacifica Restaurant

If you visit the restaurant on Friday’s, Chef Angelo will personally prepare an Italian meal for you with your choice of fresh ingredients.

Angelo has been a chef at the Hotel for over 24 years and has been hosting the Friday event for the past 14 years. Recently I had an opportunity to chat with Angelo and got his take on the popular buffet experience:

The weekly buffet has been around now for almost 15 years and continues to return by popular demand. What I try to do is create a real Italian experience by bringing my Italian roots and recipes I’ve perfected over the years to the table.

Each week I personally prepare 4 or 5 sauces to go with your choice of fresh made pastas and ingredients to choose from. You get to choose what you want and I put it all together for you to enjoy!

What types of sauces are available and which is your favourite?

Each week you can expect to see my fresh made Alfredo, Tomato, Pesto and Amatriciana sauces.

The Amatriciana would have to be my favourite: It’s a Northern Italian inspired sauce which has a tomato base with minced onions, pancetta bacon and white wine . If you’re looking for something different, I’d definitely recommend this one!

The fresh pastas you can choose from include: Fussilii, Penne, Farfalle and whole wheat Linguini.

You can also choose some from these ingredients:

Fresh shrimps, scallops, chicken breast, ham, clams, artichokes, capers and pancetta onions.

The all you can eat buffet is open every Friday between 11:30am – 2:00p for $24.50 per person.