Beautiful Autumn Colours in Vancouver (photos)

Wow, what a wet weekend that was! Although the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, Vancouver has something beautiful to offer during the month of October – All you have to do is take a peak outside to see the magnificent colours transforming and falling before your eyes. And when it comes to photography…I think the cloudiness, fog and rain only add to the beauty!

Happy Thanksgiving

Here are some of the best shots I’ve come across on Flickr this past month in Vancouver:

Autumn Leaf by: Mike Szmigielski

Autumn Leaf

Autumn in Vancouver by: Arlene Gee

Autumn In Vancouver 2

Autumn 秋 by: Edwin_Chan

Autumn  秋

Wet is Back by: {e u g e n e}

Wet is back

Autumn In Vancouver by Arlene Gee
Autumn In Vancouver

Fall in the Hood by: Photocat62

Fall in the Hood

Fall Colours In Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park by: kazinvan
Fall Colours In Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Park

Leaves at Nelson Park by: Eric Flexyourhead

Leaves at Nelson Park

Fall Colour by: Sherwood411

Fall Colours

It’s Fall Really? By: Kennymatic

It's fall, really

The Fall Sky by: Clayton Perry Photoworks

The Fall Sky

Fall in Vancouver By: BorderFilms (Doug)

Photo of the Day: October 13, 2012