Pastry Chef Hans Pirhofer Unveils Chocolate Sculpture For Valentines, Chinese New Year

For the first time in 77 years (and two days into the 2010 Games), Valentine’s Day falls on the same day as Chinese New Year, February 14, 2010.

With Chinese New Year being one of the most important dates in the Chinese Calendar, and Valentines Day known for its celebration of love, this unique calendar day will be a special one to remember.

Photo: Jonathan Cruz

While many of us scramble to find gift ideas and dinner plans on the last day, (or for some the last minute!), the Pan Pacific has you covered.

This year, February 13th and 14th will be a sea of celebratory red at the Vancouver hotel which will host a unique dinner and brunch menu which will be accompanied by live opera music, a serenading violinist and live entertainment by the Golden Pearl Ensemble.

Meet Chef Hans

Chef Hans Pirhofer is the Pan Pacific’s award winning pastry chef who recently designed and created an intricate chocolate tiger for the Valentine Week events This week the renowned chef’s amazing creation was unveiled for the public to see.

Photo: Jonathan Cruz

Chef Hans explains the design and what led him to make such a beautiful dessert:

“This year I wanted to do something special, as Valentines Day and Chinese New Year fall under the same day.  Also seeing how the 2010 Games will be underway during this time, I wanted to showcase all of these celebratory occasions in one design.

The center piece of the design is the tiger, which is symbolic in the Chinese calendar as 2010 is the Year of the Tiger.  Of course, you will also notice the hearts for Valentine’s Day and the rings and torch representing this year’s 2010 Games.”

As many others, including myself, examined the chocolate marvel, I asked Chef Hans how long it took to create this work of art:

This piece took roughly three days to make, with a little over twenty four hours of work.  It was a delicate and intricate piece which required special care and attention.  It is made of white and dark chocolate, with an airbrush finish.

Reserve Now

For more information on menu items call Café Pacifica at Pan Pacific Vancouver: 604 895 2480 | 604 662 8111

Don’t forget, if you’re come for dinner, you’ll be surrounded by the Kla-how-ya Aborignal BC Village, showcasing Aboriginal art, performances, and culture, free to all visitors of the hotel.

Access: Though vehicle access will be restricted, the Pan Pacific Hotel remains open for foot traffic and is accessible by transit, including SkyTrain, SeaBus and the Canada Line.