A Room with a View: Video of Vancouver and the Pan Pacific Suites

Last week I decided I’d take a few videos of the Pan Pacific suites to showcase to the public.

I often get feedback from guests on how surprised they are at the quality of the suites and how beautiful the views are.

Having said that, I figured I’d take my camera up and put together a 30 second video with my limited skills in Movie Maker. After giving it a little thought however, I figured I’d spare my readers the pain of my editing skills and do something a little more creative and professional…..and I knew just the guy.

Rohaan Daroowala – Creative Director and Editor

For someone with a little more skill, I turned to none other than my brother Rohaan Daroowala who offered to put together this video of Vancouver and the Pan Pacific Suites.

Have a look!

What was your inspiration for making this type of video?

When I came up to the Pan Pacific last week, it was actually my first visit to the hotel. So as I made my way up to the suites, I really didn’t know what to expect – I figured I’d simply put together a few clips of the rooms, add some music and do a quick segment.

As I entered suites though, I realized these were more than just your basic rooms – These large beautiful suites were quite inspiring.  From my first glance out the window, I saw a perspective of Vancouver I hadn’t really seen before. I had a full panoramic view of the waterfront, Stanley Park and the North Shore Mountains high up from the 22nd floor. I could see everything from sea planes leaving the harbour, the Vancouver Convention Center and cruise ships setting sail. I wanted to capture this experience in my video.

What made you decide to use so much Vancouver footage?

I wanted to create an inside-out theme for this video. I wanted viewers to see the room as well as get a feel for the experience of being at the Pan Pacific and staying in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

I wanted to capture the energy of Vancouver by visiting places that are symbolic of the city like Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, Jericho Beach, Granville Island etc.

What was the process in creating this video?

This project was a fairly quick point, shoot and cut project with not too many extras. After visiting the rooms, I created the concept and began filming. I shot this on my Sony HDV HDR-fX7 and did the editing on my Macbook Pro using Final Cut Pro. All of the footage was taken that same day.

I added the song Look Up by Zero 7 for a fresh, upbeat feel.

Rohaan Daroowala is an independent creative director and editor with a background in TV, documentary and corporate film making.

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