2010 Celebration of Light, The Best Photos From Week One

The HSBC Celebration of Light is now in its final week in Vancouver.

Last week I featured the Celebration of Light and named some of the better places to take in the show.

With Team USA and Team Spain having performed, we are left to see Team Mexico – Wednesday, July 28 & Team China – Saturday, July 31.

Last night I came across an interesting link I found on Vancity Buzz. This 10 minute video takes you through the hours leading up to the performance as well as a look at the fireworks.

Watch the video:

I found this video really captured the spirit around English Bay leading up to the show. As you can see, the area quickly fills up with thousands of onlookers.

Lasting Images from Week 1

With week 1 now in the books, here are a few of the better photos I’ve come across online:

The Masses along English Bay and the Seawall

fireworksPhoto: Msmichal

Team USA from Beach Avenue

fireworksPhoto: Gord Weisflock

Spain Finale

fireworksPhoto: Travel Fox

The View from West Vancouver

fireworksPhoto: Zzinger

Great Seats at Sunset Beach

fireworksPhoto: WFJ

Yachts by the Bay

fireworksPhoto: Jeslu

Pink Sunset

fireworksPhoto: Jeslu

What was your impression from week 1 of the fireworks? Did it live up to the hype?

Let us know in the comments!

If you have any other great images you’d like to share, send to: [email protected]